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During the region of Pandyas at Madurai people from Chadragiri near Chittoor of Andhra Pradesh were brought and posted as "watch keepers (Dhisai Kavalars) of Ilasanadu. This was later called Ettayapuram. When the local chiefs refused to pay the taxes to the Pandya kingdom , Ettappar at Ilasanadu collected the taxes with the help of his army. Later Pandya king appointed Ettappar as a ruler of the place . After the rule of 150 years Ettayapuram was formed in 1565 in this place.

Bharathiar Mani Mandapam

In memory of the National poet Subramania Bharatiar, a memorial was built by Kalki Krishna Moorthy in 1945 and Mahatma Gandhi showered his blessings on the occasion of opening. In 1981 the centenary year of Bharatiar was celebrated. This was taken over by the Public Relations Department on 11-12-81.